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21. The downside of being a high functioning person and the importance of slowing down

a podcast focused on helping others find restoration in the brokenness

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Introducing you to the mental health podcast you didn't know you needed!

From Grief to Gold podcast started in 2021 as Melissa was continuing on her healing journey of widowhood by writing her first book, “A Series of Flashbacks: Darkness Within.” The first season walks through the ebb and flow of emotions and mental turmoil it took for her to work through the processes of acceptance and numerous triggering episodes of flashbacks from her late marriage. As the seasons grow, she will be interviewing others along their own grief to gold journey, and sharing different techniques to experiment with in ones own healing.

Her goal with From Grief to Gold is to help others see that they can experience healing too. The gold inspiration came from a Japanese art known as kintsugi, or kintsukuroi. Its process is to repair broken pieces and mend them with gold. Much like this art form, Melissa’s focus with her mental health podcast is to help others learn ways to put back together that which feels broken, and renewing it.

This isn’t to say a person will be put back together the same way they were before the breakage, but rather finding ways to be made new and experience life again despite past experiences.

while grief is often displayed as the experience of losing a loved one, there are so many different ways to experience grief. It can be the loss of a dream career, not being able to experience parenthood, losing ones singlehood, etc. the focus for from grief to gold is to share the different ways people grieve, the situations that brought them there, and the steps they took to move forward.

finding restoration in the brokenness

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