What started as a virtual diary...

From Grief to Gold started in 2021 as more of a virtual diary to work through the experience of writing my first book, “A Series of Flashbacks: Darkness Within.” It’s a book about my late marriage, depression, and substance abuse.

The gold inspiration came from a Japanese art known as kintsugi, or kintsukuroi. Its process is to repair broken pieces and mend them with gold.

Much like this art form, my focus is to help others learn ways to put back together that which feels broken, and renewing it.

This isn’t to say a person will be put back together the same way they were before the breakage, but rather finding ways to be made new and experience life again despite past experiences.

My goal with from grief to gold:

helping others see that they can experience healing too.

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Quick Facts About Mel


She's a huge Star Wars fan girl. Tattoos, posters, and cute decor can be found around her home.


She served in the Army as a medic and traveled Europe snowboarding, paragliding, + more

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