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Discussing struggles with identity, Dry January as a local craft beer lover, and the power that words and thoughts have over our lives

Are you aligned with who you want to be?

If not, how can you stop self-sabotaging and start rewiring to become who you want to be?

In today’s episode I discuss identity, dry January, and the importance of our words and thoughts. I share about our constant thought processes, and how they affect our day to day. How to work on the power of positivity without being toxic, because shit is allowed to suck sometimes.  How journaling and mindset work can greatly improve your life. That it’s okay if you feel like you’re spiraling backwards, because 1% better than yesterday is still better.

With mindset, it’s important to focus on the why (positive thing) rather than the why (negative thing) while giving grace because we are creatures of habit. I also discuss a bit about the Full Moon in Cancer that we just had on January 6th and the relation to the beauty of insecurities coming up when it comes to the healing process. 

Pomodoro technique flora app reference – ⁠⁠

We’re allowed to change. Even though we are creatures of habits, we can create new habits. 

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