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Diving into the 3 D’s: Dissociation, Depersonalization, and Derealization and how spirituality has helped me with the healing journey

In today’s episode of From Grief to Gold, I dive into the 3 D’s: dissociation, depersonalization, and derealization and how spirituality has helped me with the healing journey. I share about my religious background in Christianity, my love for understanding different faiths, and my period of a complete lack of any beliefs at all. In the episode I also hint at burn out as both a business owner and a mother, which I’ll have to do a later episode on specifically.

If you’re someone that’s in a spiritual background, I would love to get connected. Whether in sharing indigenous spiritual practice, new age beliefs, or religion. I would love to connect and hear from you, and how your spiritual beliefs have helped you with your mental health and how you see the world. July 7th is the start of me sharing the guest episodes, and the official one year celebration of my imperfect creation of a mental health focused podcast! I have military veterans, coaches, those that struggled with IVF, and so forth. I’m also still welcoming different challenges to be shared. Get in touch with me and we can see if we’re a good fit! Thank you for listening, I hope it was beneficial for you!

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