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Finding ways to remember the death of a loved one, and crying in the grocery store aisle

Today’s episode I wanted to share some transparency on the grieving process, particularly when it comes to the deathiversary, or death anniversary. The truth is that I was on the verge of crying in a grocery store aisle because of an item not being available at the stores I visited. I talk about why this item mattered so much to me, the backstory behind it, and the grief journey. I also touch base on the approval of being sad about “silly” or “dumb” things, and that they aren’t really those things. What matters to you is important. Your healing matters. Remembrance matters. I reference my abandonment issues on a very brief level, as a “lost puppy syndrome” that I’ve dealt with a number of times over the years. If you happen to be someone that has spend a career working in attachment styles, I would love to connect for a podcast episode to discuss things! In final, I share about the ebook updates, people that are coming up on my podcast, and my excitement about July 7th being the 1 Year Anniversary and start of my guest podcast episodes! Bonus is a touch on being a recovering perfectionist.

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