new podcast episode:

Loneliness, Hyper-Independence, and Leo Full Moon Journaling Process

“I’m a baddie but I can be a saddie too…”

With Valentine’s Day being around the corner, I felt like an episode on loneliness would be the perfect topic to discuss.

Some key takeaways from the episode:

Loneliness, being lonely, and 70% off candy on February 15th.

Leo full moon, post pms mess, all of the above.

Journalling about sadness – why do you feel so alone? content on own and the freedom of that

Having spent so much of my life in hyper-independence – accepting that I do want a partner.

Understanding friendships and their needs, yet still feeling alone.

Mental spirals of depression and negative thoughts.

Self-fulfilling prophecy of loneliness / self-sabotaging / anxious tendencies

How can you stay consistent with systems for true self-care?

How can you become a better observer of your warning signs?

What bad habits can you work on kicking out?

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