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Losing a Brother to an Overdose and the Process of Starting a Nonprofit for the Opioid Crisis Community with Tyler

Today I have Tyler with me, a Naval Corpsman that lost his brother to a fentanyl overdose. We discuss some of his own grief journey as well as the process and struggles of starting his non profit with the hopes of helping those struggling with substance use and the opioid crisis.

Since this recording Tyler has made some adjustments to the organizations he’s currently pairing with as well as the offering for the book. You can find a copy of the book, Memoirs of Babylon – A Combat Chaplain’s Life in Iraq’s Triangle of Death written by Chaplain Jeff Bryan by contacting Loaves & Fishes of Beaufort, NC. It is 100% free for either pickup or they will mail a copy. If you’d like to donate, Tyler will be able to gift more of the book copies to others.

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