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Mental health stigma within the military, feelings of disconnect, and life after military service with Ryan of Vet with a Mic

Today was a very casual episode where I talk with Ryan, of Vet with a Mic Podcast. Ryan was an MA in the Navy (similar to a police force) prior to pursuing a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. He now places a focus on connecting with fellow veterans on his podcast. In this episode we discuss life after uniform, feeling a sense of purpose, disconnection from those we knew prior to serving, and what to do after the uniform comes off for the last time. A major struggle within the veteran community if feelings relating to lack of identity after their service. We dive into this topic a bit, the culture of the military and how it differs from traditional civilian life as well. We also touch base on the mental health space within the military branches, the problems within the chain of command, lack of confidentiality, and the stigma commonly seen when it comes to veterans seeking behavioral health related help. Towards the end of this episode we start to nerd out a big more about psychology and neuroscience before closing with Ryan’s own recommendations for someone transitioning from the military.

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