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Reflections as we head into Quarter 3 of 2023: what I would change, what I would do differently, and what I’m grateful for

In this episode I discuss all things relating to reflection. We’re in Quarter 3 of 2023 as many entrepreneur or entrepreneurs are aware of for the year. So I felt it was the perfect time to speak on reflection in general.

Next month I’ll be turning 31, so I thought I’d reflect a little on all of my could have, should have, would have, such as getting accepted into premed school, joining the military, acceptance to flight medic school, traveling Europe, and all things not according to plan.

My biggest reminder is to look at positive reflection. Because the truth is that things are never as bad as they seemed.

Don’t get me wrong… “ish” can suck, but never as bad as seemed in our head. (We’re really creative). Of course take that with a grain of salt because there are definitely periods where things really suck for a while and I’m not going to sugar coat it. In fact I’m still recovering from my own “ish sucks” but even with that… it was never as bad as I thought it would be.

Becoming a mom also came with me realizing that the nine to five life wasn’t it. Daycare is expensive and if your job doesn’t pay you enough… not worth it. Coming from the military not certified to be any of the things, and the realism of being an EMT and a mother of a newborn… I needed the creativity and becoming a photographer then branding and web design and realizing that I didn’t even want to stay in the medical field. So I got into marketing instead.

None of these opportunities would have happened had I not been creative.

Resiliency training – mandatory. Number of shitty situations and still able to stay me.

I share my lack of support, burnout. How much entrepreneurs need people that support you on your endeavors, because the waters aren’t easy to swim through.

My late husband’s death helped me snap out of giving up on my dreams. I didn’t want to be a nurse, I didn’t want to do it in the military. Yes entrepreneurship has been hard, but at least I enjoy what I do when I do it.

I ended up having the most successful wedding photography year of my life after becoming a widow. But then I knew it wasn’t where I needed to be. I missed military/health care aspect of me. I just knew something was missing. So I began looking into mental health fields and what I would need to do to support service members.

“Am I ready?” A huge reflection question I had. But I don’t think we’re ever ready. Become ready through experience. Even example of my podcast. Only 38 episodes in. It’s all learning, all reflecting, and important to realize that we are ever evolving and ever expanding, and we don’t have to stay put.

We can make a change whenever, not just the new year.

reflect, improve on, what’s been great, and what should we never do again?

What would I be curious about doing to see if it improves things? Beauty of being human and ever evolving. Oftentimes people get scared of change, or of what people might think if they take that chance.

Have this vision / idea but if you don’t take that chance, and maybe you fail…

I felt aligned and spiraled into an abyss for like a year and a half…

How have I improved? What could I do better? What could I do different next time?

But sometimes you don’t know until you know. have to experience to know if it was right or wrong for you.

Figuring out how to run my own business did save my life. Needed my business to be able to balance income and being a mother.

Life is hard sometimes. But I’m really grateful still to this day that I’ve kept this entrepreneurial spirit. Yes I have catching up to do, but so much growth has occurred. It doesn’t have to just be your bank account, it’s all of the things combined.

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