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The downside of being a high functioning person and the importance of slowing down

After a four month hiatus, I’m back and here to remind you that slowing down is productive, and pausing doesn’t mean you’re failing, especially if you’re a high functioning person. In this episode I wanted to share some updates about the healing process of coming out of dissociation/DPDR, the turmoil that can come when needing to prioritize your mental health while starting a new business venture, as well as some of the highlights that have happened in my life over the last few months. I experienced being an event planning associate for the Military Influencer Conference, joined the Spouse-ly team as a Growth Marketing Strategist, and officially decided to become a performance coach for high functioning entrepreneurial minded people. I share about letting go of the outcome, allowing things to simply be, accepting that part of the human experience is allowing in all emotions, and remembering to love ourselves where we’re at right now. Another key portion of this episode is me sharing about the difficulties of being high functioning, despite looking to the outside world like we have it all together, and how detrimental it is for our health to take care of that before our bodies force us to pause. Want to buy a copy of my book?

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